Under Construction (Of Course)

This is a brand-new page for a brand-new project.


Topaz is a project with the goal of re-implementing the guts of Perl while retaining the Perl language essentially unchanged.


Right now, Topaz is just a collection of interesting C++ classes and test harnesses for them.

Curious? Feel free to grab a snapshot of the current development sources.


I'm the only person coding right now, but you can change that! Contribute something! Please!

You may also wish to join the perl6-porters mailing list. To do so, send mail containing the line ``subscribe perl6-porters'' to majordomo@perl.org.

FAQ: Why It Isn't Called ``Perl 6''

It's possible that this project will produce the next official generation of Perl, that is, Perl 6. I certainly hope it will! And Larry Wall, master of all things Perl, has approved this idea -- in principle.

However, until Larry anoints Topaz with Perl Oil, it's not appropriate to call it Perl Anything. And Larry's final blessing depends on Topaz being

Thus, for now, we code under another name.

Besides, on the off chance that Topaz doesn't turn out to be the greatest thing since regular expressions, I don't want it to taint the good name of whatever does become Perl 6.


I'm Chip Salzenberg, variously known on the net as <chip@pobox.com>, <chip@valinux.com>, <chip@perlsupport.com>, and of course <chip@users.sourceforge.net>. Other addresses I've used in the past include <chip@perl.org>, <chip@perl.com>, and <chip@atlantic.net>. If you'd like to verify my identity, you could use my PGP public key.

Chip Salzenberg <chip@users.sourceforge.net>